TaxSafe Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. By enrolling in TaxSafe Basic (“Program”) provided by Tax Defense Network DBA TaxSafe (“TaxSafe”), User agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein, including any subsequent amendments.
  2. User agrees to accept any changes to the Program without prior notification, and agrees to receive notification of such changes via service program updates on the TaxSafe website.
  3. User will have access to TaxSafe Basic for a maximum one (1) year at no fee. Program has no specific value, and cannot be assigned, transferred, or redeemed for monetary consideration. TaxSafe may unilaterally agree to continue service past one (1) year without notice.
  4. Privacy Notice: TaxSafe will maintain the confidentiality of user information in accordance with the privacy policy as posted on TaxSafe website. By signing this agreement, client acknowledges that client has read the privacy policy posted on the TaxSafe website at
  5. User(s) retain the right to cancel TaxSafe Basic monitoring at any time by emailing or providing written notice to TaxSafe, c/o Tax Defense Network, Attn: TaxSafe Program Administrator, 9000 Southside Blvd, Ste 11000, Jacksonville, FL 32256.
  6. By enrolling in the Program, User authorizes TaxSafe, its Officers, Employees, Shareholders, Directors, or Contractors to maintain form 2848 Power of Attorney or form 8821 Tax Authorization with the Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of monitoring User’s account and informing User of any updates, changes, or opportunities for future services that affect User’s best interests.
  7. User understands that all calls with TaxSafe may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.
  8. User affirms that User has read, understands, and accepts services offered by TaxSafe and agrees to be contacted via email, SMS/text, or other electronic format by a live agent and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice, at all provided phone numbers, dialed manually or by automatic dialer.
  9. User agrees to receive communication from TaxSafe regarding available services provided by TaxSafe and/or preferred partners. User acknowledges and understands that consent to be contacted is not a condition to purchase. User must email to opt out.
  10. User understands that the Program is dependent upon access to IRS provided information. Actions by User, IRS, or third parties may delay or prevent delivery of required information. TaxSafe is not responsible for delays or stoppages in data access nor the impact thereof upon client or previously established tax arrangements.
  11. TaxSafe is not an Attorney and does not provide legal advice. This agreement does not create an Attorney-Client relationship; TaxSafe has no right to enter into contracts on the User’s behalf.
  12. Tax Defense Network (TDN) clients must be current with prior fee obligations to be eligible for Program, if applicable.
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