TaxSafe VIP

TaxSafe VIP

$2799 per month

$29999 per year
Save $36 = over a month FREE

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Tax Services and Identity Theft Protection

TaxSafe VIP package takes tax, credit and ID theft monitoring to the next level. With our team by your side to help prevent and clean up any impacts to your financial situation, you can have peace of mind.

As a TaxSafe VIP member, you will receive the following benefits:


  • IRS Account Monitoring: Ensure you remain in good standing with proactive alerts of any changes
  • IRS Transcript Review: Indication of any changes to your tax balances, filing compliance, or resolution status
  • IRS Account Update: Emails to help you stay informed about your IRS balances, tax compliance, and resolution status
  • IRS Account Alerts: When IRS information indicates a change to your account that can harm your resolution or account status
  • Access to Tax Professional: Use 1-833-TaxSafe Hotline for questions or to review IRS and State notices
  • Free IRS Identity Theft remediation: Help completing IRS or State forms if someone has fraudulently completed a tax return using your personal information
  • Free Audit Review: If your account is flagged with an exam or audit
  • Free Basic Individual Federal Tax Preparation: Up to $200 value, credit will be given toward total tax preparation fee*
  • Front-of-the-line Tax Preparation: Upon signed contract and all necessary tax forms to complete your tax return
  • Discounts: 50% off (up to $1,500) on future resolution services**
  • Peace of Mind Resolution Assurance: If your IRS agreement is compromised from a major life event,*** we’ll negotiate a new tax resolution at no cost
    • The TaxSafe Team will keep an IRS form 2848 Power of Attorney authorization on file to help manage your IRS letters or transcripts
    • IRS news updates: newsletters and notifications of important filing dates


  • Credit reports: Keep tabs to ensure information and financial accounts are reported accurately and catch fraud immediately
    • 3 Bureau – Credit Reports, quarterly: From Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, credit scores and reporting may vary from each Bureau
  • Credit Monitoring: Continuous 24/7 monitoring for changes to your personal information, which can signal ID theft****
    • 3 Bureau – Credit Monitoring from all 3 Credit Bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts 24/7: Credit scan for suspicious activity, credit inquiries, or other data changes. Get alerts via, text, email
  • Credit Scores: Manage your credit reputation, which affects interest rates and loan qualification
    • 3 Bureau – Credit Score, quarterly: With your credit reports, from all 3 Credit Bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax
  • Credit Lock: Freeze your account with the credit bureau to deny new account opening attempts
  • Score Tracker Monthly: Get alerts if your monitored data or credit score has a significant change.

ID Theft

  • Change of Address Monitoring: Scans for unwarranted address changes, which can be an indication of ID theft
  • Social Security Number Action Alerts 24/7: Real-time alerts if you or someone else attempts to access valuable financial, medical, or retail information in your name, via text, email or secure website
  • Data Sweep for Personal Identifiable Information: Early-warning ID theft system that scans the internet, dark web, financial, healthcare and public record sources
  • Data Breach Alerts: Know if your sensitive personal information has been compromised from a data breach
  • ID Risk Score: Scans your data and provides a one-time analysis of identity fraud risk, with alerts if your score increases more than 10%
  • ID Restoration: Backed by a $1,000,000 policy with $0 deductible if your identity is stolen, covering legal defense fees, lost wages, and unauthorized ATM/EFT deduction
  • Recovery Butler: White glove service with Personal ID recovery specialist to help with restoration from beginning to end

* Free Basic Individual Federal Tax Preparation is for form 1040 only. If additional forms are required by Federal tax law, to reduce liability or a gain a larger refund, a $200 credit will be applied toward the total tax preparation fee. Credit is non-refundable and has no cash value.

**Discounts up to $1500 are for full service resolutions which include Affordable Payment Plan, Affordable Settlement Plan, or Non-Disclosure Plan. Credit is non-refundable and has no cash value.

*** Major Life Event is defined as 1) death of spouse or minor child, 2) finalized divorce with associated financial requirements, or 3) job loss with more than two months of consecutive unemployment. Major Life Event must be documented to TDN to qualify.

****Credit monitoring and Credit scores require additional verification steps to be completed before these services will be available.

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