Credit Monitoring


of the world's credit card fraud is in the U.S.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Credit Accounts

As the threat of compromised personal information grows, sometimes you don’t know the problem until it’s too late. Your credit score affects your ability to borrow money, get insurance, buy a house or car, and even get a job. The last thing you want is for your credit to be crippled by data breaches, thieves, and scammers – monitoring can help.

TaxSafe credit monitoring will help protect your credit and financial goals:

  • Continuously scans your credit reports and alerts you of significant changes, such as:
    • New accounts being opened in your name
    • Credit card balance increase
    • Potentially negative information that impacts your credit score

  • We empower you to take immediate action whenever anything suspicious occurs

  • Catches most fraudulent activity early on and minimizes any damage

  • If your identity is stolen, we’ll handle the paperwork, phone calls, and notifications to get your identity restored

  • Backed by $1,000,000 identity theft policy with $0 deductible

  • Saves you time and money (and headaches)