IRS Monitoring

$6.8 billion

Underreported taxes assessed by the IRS in 2016

A Faster Way to Address Tax Issues and Fraud

When tax issues affect your daily life, our ongoing IRS monitoring program helps to ensure your federal tax account remains in good standing. Reacting quickly to IRS notices is vital to preventing your situation from becoming worse. We’ll stand in front of the IRS to resolve many issues before they become a problem, so you can have peace of mind.

The TaxSafe team monitor your IRS accounts with the following services:

  • Keep your Power of Attorney on file to receive carbon copies of your IRS notices
  • Monitor your IRS transcripts for filing compliance, additional assessments, and resolution status
  • IRS alerts in the event that your account is compromised or flapped for tax ID theft
  • Receive and react quickly to any IRS notices
  • For VIP and Family plans, negotiate a new agreement at no cost to you if your IRS resolution has been compromised by a major life event*

*Major life event is defined as 1) death of spouse or minor child, 2) finalized divorce with associated financial requirements, or 3) job loss with more than two months of consecutive unemployment (must be documented by Tax Defense Network to qualify).